How do I configure MasonIP to see SMB shares? Part 4

Using Windows XP Professional :

Make sure there is a User and Password for the XP computer.
Blank passwords will not work.

Choose a folder on the XP computer to share.
Right-Click and choose "Sharing and Security..."
Choose "Share this Folder."
Enter in a Share name.  See Note below.
Make sure a User is listed.
Setup Permissions so the User has Full control.
Choose the Security Tab.
Make sure a User is listed.
Make sure the User has "Read & Execute" Allowed.
Apply all these changes.

Here are the MasonIP server page settings :

Address:   [the IP number of the server]
Type: SMB
Mount Point: /(ShareName)   [Share Name]
User Name: (username)  [valid User name of the server]
Password: (userpassword)   [password of the User]

Note that Share Names can only contain ASCII characters.
  No punctuation and Case is sensitive.

Example data for server setup:

Type: SMB
Mount Point: /MySharedFolder
User Name: Brian
Password: (Brian's password)

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Created: 9/27/07
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