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What settings should I use for Telecine (24fps film) encoding?

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Posted: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
Updated: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
MediaPress has a powerful Telecine function that improves the quality of the
encoding from film sources.  By eliminating the duplicated fields resulting from
the conversion of 24fps file into video, more data is available for the
compressed MPEG file.  This results in a substantially improved MPEG video file
over doing a straight video MPEG compression.

In later versions of DVD Studio Pro, Apple has introduced a bug in their
multiplexer when using Telecine 24fps files.  In order to avoid this bug, you
need to use the following settings for Telecine files in DVDSP 2 and later
versions :

Telecine= Auto Top-Field
GOP= 12
GOP= Closed

Document: 10280
Created: 8/21/05
Modified: 8/21/05
Product: MediaPress
Version: MediaPress X
Mac OS: 9.x, 10.x
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