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What is the maximum length I can run the SDI video signal?

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Posted: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
Updated: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
The SDI input on the MediaPress board is not fully equalized for long cable runs.
 The board is tested and calibrated for the included SDI cable only, though it
should work OK with a proper SDI signal level.

We have tested the SDI input with 100 foot cable runs and it works fine, but we
used very high quality SDI cable with gold connectors.

If you have doubts about your signal level or are running long SDI cables, we
recommend using an external SDI re-clocker to equalize and re-distribute the SDI
signal right before the MediaPress SDI input.  In our labs we use the Kramer 6104
SDI Signal Distributor and Re-Clocker.  It can be purchased from B&H video.  We
place the 6104 next to the Mac and feed it's output directly into the MediaPress
SDI cable.

Document: 10277
Created: 8/21/05
Modified: 8/21/05
Product: MediaPress
Version: MediaPress X
Mac OS: 9.x, 10.x
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