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I get an alert that says 'Unable to initialize hardware.' What does this mean?

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Posted: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
Updated: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
This message indicates that the software is unable to find the MediaPress encoder
hardware.  Check to make sure the MediaPress board is installed and firmly
inserted in the PCI slot.  It may have become dislodged from the slot.  Try the
board in another PCI slot as well.

If the board is properly installed and you still get the error message, then
something may be wrong with the hardware board.  We will need the board returned
to our tech support department to determine if anything is wrong with the

Document: 10268
Created: 9/18/04
Modified: 9/18/04
Product: MediaPress
Version: 2.4.7z, MediaPress X 1.x
Mac OS: 9.x, 10.x
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