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How do I turn on NFS sharing with Windows XP?

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Posted: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
Updated: 01 Feb, 2008
by: Admin A.
First off, you must be using Windows XP Professional.  The Home version does
not work with NFS sharing.

Make sure there is a User and Password for the XP computer.
Blank passwords will not work.

The easiest way to turn on NFS sharing with Windows XP is to install a NFS Server
package.  Microsoft has one for free, but it's very difficult to setup.

There is an easy to use NFS Server software package called Omni-NFS Server, which
we recommend.  You can download a free trial at:
Make sure you read the manual to configure the NFS Server correctly.  Also note
that you'll need to know something about users and groups to configure NFS.
When exporting a NFS share, you need to map the Windows users to the Unix users.

Usually you will map to the Unix User ID (UID) of 0, or UID = 0.
Also, you will need to map to the Unix Group ID (GID) of 0, or GID = 0.
On the Windows side, you need to pick a User and Group to map to the Unix side.
Usually that's the main Admin user and group.

For example, on the XP box, let's say the main Administrator account is called
'kathy'.  So the user 'kathy' is in group 'Administrators' on the windows box.
You would map the XP user 'kathy' to the unix UID = 0.
You would map the XP group 'Administrators' to the unix GID = 0.

Once the mapping is setup, you need to choose a folder to share.  Using Omni-NFS
you can add in the directory to share and set up permissions on it.  Make note
of the mount point and drive of the shared directory.

Example-- If a folder called 'movies' in the main C: drive is shared, it's mount
point would be C:/movies

You will need to know the mount point in order to configure MasonIP correctly.

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Created: 10/10/07
Modified: 10/10/07
Product: MasonIP
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