MasonIP for Broadcast

OK, next up is how MasonIP can be used in a Broadcast environment. Read on below if you are a broadcast person and want to know how useful the MasonIP is in a broadcasting environment.

MasonIP for Broadcast………

BROADCAST PROFESSIONAL HARDWARE – First off let’s get the hardware specifics covered. If you are in broadcasting, you know you have special needs. Rackmount equipment. 24/7 operation. Locking connectors. No easy way for users to turn-off the equipment. All of these the MasonIP has covered. It was designed for continuous operation in a broadcast environment. MasonIP is a 1U all metal rackmount unit with locking video and audio connectors. And the power switch is located on the back and is recessed.

FILE PLAYBACK OF SD OR HD – Let’s say someone emails you a spot that you need to broadcast on tonight’s news program. Or some ad agency emails you the latest commercial. You have a file on your computer that you need to somehow get out over the air. Sure there are a few methods you can use to get that file out to tape, but they all involve a computer somewhere, or maybe even an editing station. BUT if you have a MasonIP installed on your data network, you don’t need a thing. Just navigate to the file with the MasonIP remote control and hit Play. That’s it! The file will begin playing immediately, so you can go out to tape or even out live. No separate computer or editing system needed. Just one MasonIP.

EASY USER INTERFACE – Using the MasonIP wireless remote control, a user can simply navigate to a file located anywhere on your data network and hit play. They can then verify the playback before going out live or out to tape.

LOCKING CONNECTORS – Almost all video and audio connectors on the MasonIP are locking type, so they always stay secure. BNC and XLR connectors are the main locking types on the MasonIP box.

SCALING BUILT IN – The MasonIP can upscale or downscale any of the video files being played. That way if you are still broadcasting in SD, you can get your content in HD and MasonIP will take care of all the scaling. Just tell MasonIP to output SD and the HD content will be scaled accordingly.

CUSTOM IN-HOUSE DESIGN – We control all the hardware and all the software for the MasonIP. That gives us full control over bug fixes and hardware updates. The power supply is custom designed by us for 24 / 7 operations. That, along with the all metal 1U rackmount design makes MasonIP perfect for Broadcast and Professional usage.

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