MasonIP for DVD Creators

The MasonIP Video Player is the best thing since sliced bread. Really. But it’s pretty difficult to describe all it’s features and functions because it fits into really distinct categories. So to better explain the MasonIP, I will break out the features and applications by popular markets. First up, DVD Authoring. If you author or create DVD’s, read on below:

MasonIP for DVD Creators…….

DVD NAVIGATOR – MasonIP has a fully featured standards-based DVD navigator that allows you to verify DVD projects before burning images to disks. Because MasonIP plays DVD disk images directly from remote volumes, you never have to burn check disks again to verify all your DVD operations. Using the MasonIP remote control, just navigate to the remote server where your DVD disk image is located and hit Play.

EXTENSIVE DISK INFORMATION – From the MasonIP remote control, you can see DVD disk settings authored into the image, like Aspect ratios, Macrovision settings, Subtitle & Language settings, etc. Also you can see how many audio streams are authored and select between them. Everything you need to know about your DVD is shown on this pop-up information screen.

CHANGABLE PLAYER CONFIGURATIONS – Through the MasonIP web configuration page, you can setup the DVD Playback engine to emulate a DVD player from any country with any region or default language setting. This allows you to test your authored DVD for any location or language without having a stack of foreign players. All you need is one MasonIP.

MULTI-FORMAT VIDEO OUTPUT – Allows you to view your DVD in 480i NTSC or PAL, or in any HD video format up to 1080p60. MasonIP has fantastic up-scaling of the video signal from SD to HD.

MULTIPLE OUTPUTS – MasonIP has a full range of Broadcast quality outputs. Video is output on Composite, S-Video, Component, DVI/HDMI, and HD-SDI. Audio is output on analog RCA and digital AES/EBU & S/PDIF. Almost all connectors are locking-type, so you can remove the unit from a rack setting without fear of cable disconnection.

CUSTOM IN-HOUSE DESIGN – We control all the hardware and all the software for the MasonIP. That gives us full control over bug fixes and hardware updates. The power supply is custom designed by us for 24 / 7 operations. That, along with the all metal 1U rackmount design makes MasonIP perfect for Broadcast and Professional usage.

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