MasonIP for HD content playback

Next up, HD content. If you create HD content or need to verify HD files, see below for how MasonIP applies to you:

MasonIP for HD Playback………

HD VIDEO PLAYBACK – MasonIP can playback almost any HD file, from a variety of compression formats. MPEG2, MPEG4, AVC, VC-1, WMV, DIVX, H.264. Using the MasonIP remote control, just navigate to the server where your files are stored and hit Play. MasonIP will playback the videos with NO hiccups and NO stuttering.

MULTIPLE FILE FORMATS SUPPORTED – MasonIP will parse and decode a variety of file formats, including Transport, System, Program, and Elementary streams. WMV, VC-1, DIVX, and MOOV file formats are also supported.

HIGH DATARATE PLAYBACK – MasonIP plays back streams up to 50 mb/s with NO hiccups, NO stuttering, and NO delays. That’s right, the MasonIP has no problem with high datarate files. Our built-in RISC processors used for decoding are designed for high datarate playback, therefore you will never see a MasonIP player trying to keep up with a decoding task.

FULL HD FORMAT DECODING – MasonIP will decode HD files with a resolution of up to 1080p60. MasonIP has the horsepower to do this full HD decoding without scaling or subsampling. If you have a 1080p60 encoded HD file at 50mb/s and wish to output it digitally at full 1080, then MasonIP can do it without compromise and without stuttering.

PROGRAMMABLE DECODER CONFIGURATIONS – MasonIP allows you to control video file playback with specialized XML files to override the unit’s built-in playback control. You can force codecs, display settings, etc. on a file-by-file basis. Just include the XML file in the same directory as the file you wish to playback and MasonIP will use your settings instead of it’s default internal settings.

MULTI-FORMAT VIDEO OUTPUT – Allows you to view your videos in 480i NTSC or PAL, or in any HD video format up to 1080p60. MasonIP has fantastic scaling of the video signal so you can see what playback looks like at a variety of different monitor settings.

MULTIPLE OUTPUTS – MasonIP has a full range of Broadcast quality outputs. Video is output on Composite, S-Video, Component, DVI/HDMI, and HD-SDI. Audio is output on analog RCA and digital AES/EBU & S/PDIF. The HD-SDI output has embedded audio as well.

CUSTOM IN-HOUSE DESIGN – We control all the hardware and all the software for the MasonIP. That gives us full control over bug fixes and hardware updates. The power supply is custom designed by us for 24 / 7 operations. That, along with the all metal 1U rackmount design makes MasonIP perfect for Broadcast and Professional usage.

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