MasonIP and HD-SDI output…..WOW!

If you have been following the progress of the MasonIP decoder, you’re probably aware that we just started shipping it with a HD-SDI digital video output. That means we have been internally testing our MasonIP decoders with full broadcast HD-SDI monitors. And all I can say is ‘WOW.’

The video quality you get with a MasonIP connected up digitally to a full broadcast HD-SDI monitor is just outstanding. HD material and even SD material (dvd images, etc.) upconverted with the Mason, looks so life-like and crystal clear. It truly is the only way to view your video content.

Of course, we are lucky here to have so many different ways to view video content. I admit we are a bit spoiled. But if you want to view your video content, either HD source material or SD dvd images, the best possible image is going to come over HD-SDI.

I’ve been asked why, if HD-SDI is so great, didn’t that standard take off in the consumer space. It offers unprecedented video quality and the ability to hook up with one single coax cable. The reason why it was not introduced as a consumer specification is the lack of DRM. Transmitting perfect digital copies of video over a single coax, devoid of any DRM, was never going to make it out to the general public. Content owners would never allow free-and-clear digital copies to be available to any consumer. So HD-SDI stays a broadcast and post-video production standard and not a consumer standard.

It’s too bad. Imagine the headaches that would have been avoided if an existing working standard would just have been adopted, instead of creating entirely new consumer standards. No new connectors, or cables, or protocols. Ah, but what would companies do if they didn’t re-invent the wheel every now and then.

-Mark Bain

mark @ wiredinc. com

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