MediaPress Specifications

Here’s the latest specifications for the MediaPress realtime MPEG encoders.

Encoding Formats
MPEG Formats
MPEG-1 elementary stream, MPEG-1 multiplexed system, MPEG-2 elementary stream, MPEG-2 multiplexed program
Video Data Rates
128 kbps – 15 mbps
MPEG-1 Resolutions
NTSC/Film: up to 352×240, PAL: up to 352×288
MPEG-2 Resolutions NTSC/Film: up to 720×480, PAL: up to 720×576, 1/2 D1, 2/3 D1
Frame-rates NTSC – 29.97, 30 fps, Film – 23.976, 24 fps, PAL – 25 fps
Audio Formats MPEG audio – layer I & II, Stereo, Joint stereo, Dual & Single channel, PCM audio – 16 bit, Raw, WAV and AIFF, 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz
Video Inputs
Composite – RCA, S-video – Y/C, Component (YUV) – 3 BNC
Audio Inputs
Unbalanced – 3.5mm, Balanced – XLR**
SPDIF digital – RCA, AES/EBU digital – XLR
DVD-related Features
Chapter Markers
Automatic chapter creation for DVD Studio Pro, 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, Combine multiple clips into one output file
System Requirements
Macintosh G4 or G5, 1GHz or higher, with available PCI or PCI-X slot. (Not compatible with PCI-e slots, as found in the dual-core G5’s or Intel MacPros)

Serial port for deck control (either GeeThree Stealth port or Keyspan USB-to-Serial adapter)

Software Mac OS X version 10.3.0 or higher

* MediaPress X only
** Included with MediaPress X; optional on MediaPress LE

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