We’re Old Fashioned

Full ServiceAt Wired, although we are a high-tech business located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have some old-fashioned ideas about business. We believe in designing quality products, building them in the US, and giving live unlimited support to our customers.

You might say we take it personally.

Funny Ideas About Quality

Today there are many companies who figure their job is done once they’ve got your money and shipped your order. After that, you’re on your own. If the product happens to break down after the warranty, you’re supposed to be happy to just pull out your wallet and buy a new one.

Full ServiceAt Wired, we refuse to be a part of that ‘modern’ way of doing business. First, we build things to last (if you’ve ever looked inside a MasonIP decoder, you’ll see what I mean.) We have many customers still using their MediaPress encoders that they bought in 1998. And, if it happens that one of our products breaks down, we offer actual component-level repair services, at reasonable rates. I think it is just absurd how many electronics products are now considered ‘disposable’ and therefore not worth repairing. It’s sad.

Service With a Smile

We are a small company, and as such we are acutely aware that the people who buy our products put the food on our tables. It is a very direct relationship, and we believe our obligation continues long after the sale. If you need help, we’re just a phone call or email away. None of this all-to-common limited support provided by people who have never even used the product, whose primary goal is to get you off the phone. We want you to be satisfied with the product you spent your hard-earned money on; and we’ll work hard to make sure you are. We don’t stop talking to you after 90 days, or a year, or whatever. If you need help with a Wired product…anytime, just let us know. If you leave a message, we’ll even call you back! How’s that for a radical concept in the age of voice-mail black holes?

Thanks for listening.


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