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MasonIP interfaceSince 1990, Wired has been developing MPEG products for the video professional. In 1992, Wired introduced it’s first commercially available MPEG product, the Mason MPEG decoder. Over the years, Wired has created well over a dozen MPEG products, including realtime encoders, decoders, and transcoders, both for direct sales and custom versions for OEM sales and installations.

All Wired products are designed, manufactured, 100% tested, and shipped from Silicon Valley, California. Keeping our products under local control allows us to create a much higher quality product.

Our current retail lineup – MediaPress, MasonIP, MasonHD, TeraSpool



is a realtime MPEG1 & MPEG2 encoder PCI board for the Macintosh. Available with SDI and YUV inputs, MediaPress works great in your DVD Studio Pro authoring environment. Click for the MediaPress Brochure, Users Guide, or Technical Specification document.



is a standalone networked professional MPEG decoder, DVD verifier, and HD video player. With digital and analog outputs for both video and audio, MasonIP is a perfect compliment to your DVD Studio Pro authoring system. MasonIP uses a extremely low-noise design and NO noisy switching power supplies, either inside or outside the unit. Click for a MasonIP datasheet, or Click HERE for additional documents, including White Papers about using MasonIP.

MasonHD is a realtime SD and HD MPEG decoder PCI board for Linux based systems. MasonHD is mainly used for custom decoder applications. It has a DVI-I output (digital and analog) along with S-video and composite. Audio comes out via S/PDIF or unbalanced analog. MasonHD requires a NDA and license from Wired in order to purchase. Please contact our sales department (sales@wiredinc.com) for additional information if you are interested in the MasonHD decoder for your needs.

BUB box is a balanced audio input adapter for the MediaPress encoder. The BUB box has variable gain controls for proper level adjustments with various audio sources. It also has professional audio connectors with gold contacts for clear clean sound.

TeraSpool is our video NAS (network attached storage) device, designed and tested specifically for media storage and streaming applications. Fully customizable to fit your specific needs, the Wired TeraSpool allows your video design team to work seamlessly over the network. Contact our sales department (sales@wiredinc.com) for price and configuration options.

Where to get Wired products —

Wired products are available around the world through resellers, or direct from Wired. To order direct, use our email form to contact the sales guys.

Customization –support

Wired can customize any of our products for your particular needs. We have produced many different flavors of our products for companies and distributors. Do you need different output formats or connectors? No problem. Wired designs and engineering assistance have been utilized by many manufacturers and OEM’s over the past years.

Do you need to network your video editing stations? Again, no problem. Let our designers and engineers work with you to create your perfect video editing or authoring environment. “No problem; we’ve done it before.” will most likely be our answer!

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