Massive Capacity…Wired TeraSpoolâ„¢

TeraSpoolReady for BIG storage? We’ve got something coming soon that you’ll really like: Wired media servers. Designed and optimized especially for media storage, the new TeraSpool NAS (network attached storage) systems are equally at home in a busy production facility or a sophisticated home theatre. TeraSpool servers are available in custom configurations from 2 to 7 TB (terabytes), and come ready to plug into your network with little or no effort.

Massive Storage Without the Struggle

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. At Wired, we’ve spent years developing custom systems to handle the huge media files that we’ve needed to develop and test our encoding systems. We’ve learned a lot about how to make systems that work well; we also got a few scars. Now you can have the same dependable storage systems we use without have to go through the pain of figuring it all out for yourself.


We’ve chosen the best components available to build the TeraSpool servers, making them reliable and easy to maintain.

  • High quality enclosures with efficient ventilation to protect the components
  • High speed SATA (serial ATA) drives for massive capacity and fast access
  • Drives can be mounted in removable trays for easy reconfiguration and replacement
  • A variety of RAID schemes let you choose between maximum capacity or maximum redundancy
  • Supports Mac, Windows and Linux clients in their native formats.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are standard
  • Robust FreeNAS network operating system based on FreeBSD, for great reliability and compatibility
  • Web-based configuration; make changes and monitor your server from your browser

Custom Configurations

abstractWhen you order a TeraSpool system, you have your choice of three standard configurations, or we can build one special, just for you. The capacity, drive type, network interfaces and RAID schema can be completely customized. And the Wired team is ready to advise you on what features are best for your particular situation. We can ship your server completely configured, including network settings, so it’s literally ready to just plug in and turn on.

But our involvement doesn’t stop when you take delivery. We are here to make sure everything goes smoothly, with very affordable ongoing support options. Need to reconfigure the server for a different use? No problem; our technicians can walk you through it step by step. Want to upgrade to larger drives later? No problem; we can advise you how to do it, or you can ship the server to us and our upgrade team can do the job. We can even do remote configuration and monitoring through the TeraSpools administration tools.*

How to Get One

If you’ve got more data than you got space, and it’s getting worse every day, a Wired TeraSpool may be just what you need. Whether you need to store terabytes of client projects or want to make your massive movie collection available to every room in your house, TeraSpool can handle it. We’re ready to build one for you.

Drop us a line and we’ll tell you all about it.

*requires static IP on your network.

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  1. Stargazer Says:

    This TeraSpool beast sounds like what I am looking for. With all the hours of video I need to capture, edit and organize, it looks like ideal. When are you shipping?