MasonIP Video Player – MPEG, DivX, DVD, and more….

Formats galoreThe MasonIP, our network-attached Broadcast and Industrial Video Decoder, is a master of video formats. People ask ‘How many formats can it play?’ Well, let me list them here:

  • MPEG1 elementary and system streams
  • MPEG2 elementary, program, and transport streams;
  • MPEG4; h.264/AVC; VC-1
  • HDV
  • DivX
  • Windows Media (WMV) WM9
  • DVD images (VIDEO_TS folders)
  • The Mason handles video datarate up to to 50mb/s, playing even the highest quality files with ease.

    Flexible Outputs

    The MasonIP has many outputs in a variety of formats as well:

    Video outputs:

  • Composite, S-Video – 480i (NTSC/PAL)
  • Component, DVI-D – 480p, 720p, 1080i
  • SDI / HD-SDI (optional) – 480i (NTSC/PAL), 480p, 720p, 1080i
  • Audio outputs:

  • RCA (L,R) – analog unbalanced
  • RCA – S/PDIF digital unbalanced
  • XLR – AES digital balanced
  • Optical – Toslink digital
  • As you can see, MasonIP really is the Swiss Army Knife of MPEG decoders. Click HERE for additional documents about MasonIP.

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