MediaPress MPEG Encoder – Faster and Better

MediaPress-with-cableWe hear it all the time: ‘DVD Studio Pro comes with an MPEG encoder; why would I need a Wired MediaPress?’ The answer is simple: higher quality MPEG-2 encoding from your tape sources in realtime.

With the widespread availability of software MPEG encoders, some people assume that there’s no longer a need for a hardware encoder. But if you’re encoding from tapes, you’ll still get the best quality and fastest results with a MediaPress encoder in your Macintosh. With a software encoder, you need to capture the footage into your computer before you can use the software encoder. So even if the software can encode in ‘realtime’, it still takes two times realtime to get the job done…at best.

If that doesn’t bother you, you’re still likely to be annoyed by the quality you have to give up with a typical software encoder. If you use settings on a software encoder that optimize speed, the quality will certainly suffer. But if you change the settings to maximize quality the speed will decrease dramatically.

Why Compromise?

With a MediaPress realtime encoder, you don’t have to make that sort of trade-off. The MediaPress encodes directly to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 in realtime, and always at maximum quality. With easy-to-use control software designed for heavy use in a production environment, the MediaPress X will improve the quality of your work and save time.

Check out the pdf datasheet for all the particulars.

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