Using Files in a Videotape workflow

beta tapesAs some of you know, I spent the last several weeks traveling around demonstrating our new MasonIP decoder. I picked up many important tid-bits on how a MasonIP fits into workflows, and I learned a lot about the current problems you all are facing.

OK, we all know our current environment is STILL videotape based. Whether you are into Post or Broadcasting, your world still uses tape everyday for almost every operation. But now your clients/customers/Directors/Producers are starting to give you video FILES instead of tapes. They may be using the Internet or maybe they just drop off an external hard disk to your office and expect you to use the files they’ve created. Oh boy what a change, and now it’s up to you to get that file into your normal videotape workflow.

Now you face several questions……. What format is the file? Will our computer system playback the file? Will I need to update Quicktime to play it? Will it stutter when playing back? How do I get that file onto a videotape? Do I have to tie up my editing system just to get this file out to tape?

Well, I am happy to say that MasonIP solves all of these problems.

MasonIP will playback a vast number of different file formats, at full HD resolution, and without tying up any of your editing computers. No codecs to update or download. No stuttering, since MasonIP can easily playback 50mb/s streams. And the MasonIP outputs are broadcast quality, so you can feed MasonIP directly into your videotape recorder or into your broadcasting system. Just navigate to your servers to find the file, and hit the Play button. Then out of MasonIP comes perfectly decoded SD or HD video. It’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers I encountered over the past month….

Q – Can MasonIP playback High Definition files without stuttering?
A – Yes it can. No stuttering at all, even with 50mb/s streams.

Q – What High Definition formats does MasonIP decode?
A – VC1, AVC, MPEG2, H.264, MPEG4, WMV, DIVX

Q – What outputs does MasonIP have?
A – Composite, S-Video, Component, DVI-D. HD-SDI coming out summer 2007.

Q – Can I upgrade my MasonIP to the HD-SDI output when it’s available?
A – Sure. We will offer an upgrade path for all current MasonIP owners to add the HD-SDI output option. It’s a simple internal daughterboard upgrade.

Q – How can MasonIP decode high datarate HD streams without stuttering like my computer does?
A – MasonIP is focused just on decoding. It does not have to worry about keyboards, mice, windowing GUI’s, drives, that computer systems must handle. MasonIP incorporates two DSP’s and puts all it’s computational power just into decoding streams. That’s how MasonIP can playback high datarate HD streams without any performance problems.

So I hope I’ve shown how MasonIP will work in our Videotape based world. If you have any questions about MasonIP, please send me an E-mail. Or Click HERE for additional documents about using MasonIP.

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