With MasonIP in Your Theatre, It’s Your Show

MasonIP front viewA funny thing happened while we were developing the MasonIP. Since our goal was to create the ultimate proofing tool for video professionals, we reached out to many pros, seeking their input on what features and functions were most important to them. Invariably, when we would tell them about the Mason, we’d hear: “I’d love to have something like that in my home theatre too.”

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, while we’ve been working on the Mason, some of us at Wired have been using them at home too. Once you’ve had this kind of access to your video collection, you’ll never want to go back to swapping discs.

Built for Pros, Coveted by Connoisseurs

Some of the same features that help make the Mason a highly productive professional tool also make it a perfect video player for an advanced home theatre – easy access to video content on your servers, top quality playback, fast, logical navigation of your library, and the ability to drive nearly any standard or high definition monitor, TV or projector.

Server listEasy configuration

From setting the desired screen resolution and format, to configuring server access, the Mason’s many features are all easily configured with any web browser. The Mason can access files on up to eight NFS, SMB, or HTTP file servers, giving you tremendous flexibility in organizing your library.

Once you’ve configured the Mason to see your servers, you can quickly navigate to any item through its easy-to-understand library browser. You can even assign ‘friendly’ names for your server volumes, so you don’t have to see cryptic path names in the listing.

Movie info panelSuperb Playback

The MasonIP is designed to deliver the maximum image quality to whatever TV or projector you want to use. It has a built-in high performance scaler to effortlessly play any size and format of video at the optimum output resolution.

MasonIP remote controlSimple on-screen menus make it easy to browse you entire library of hundreds or thousands of videos to quickly find just what you’re looking for. You can add your own text descriptions and cover art for your videos and summon them with the touch of a button. Mason even remembers your place in the last 20 movies you watched, so you can pick up just where you left off.

Support From the Experts

We know that just because you understand high tech video and audio equipment it doesn’t necessarily follow that you know how to build a server or configure a network. When you buy a MasonIP, Wired is ready to support you with advice on server selection, configuration and installation so you can get “on with the show” with a minimum of fuss. With Wired and the MasonIP, help is just a phone call or email away.

And Much More

The MasonIP runs whisper quiet, so it won’t intrude on your movie enjoyment. It has field-upgradeable software and firmware, so you can take advantage of fixes or improvements even after you’ve installed your MasonIP. And it is built to last, with heavy duty construction and top quality components.

The MasonIP can transform your home theatre, putting your entire video collection at your fingertips. For more information, see the Mason IP datasheet or just call.

2 Responses to “With MasonIP in Your Theatre, It’s Your Show”

  1. alserrano Says:

    How can I buy it?? Isw it possible to buy using credit card or money transfer to your account and send using DHL or UPS?

  2. Mark Bain Says:

    There are many ways to purchase Wired products, but the easiest way is to send an E-mail to our sales department and ask them how you can get a MasonIP. You can E-mail them at sales (at) wiredinc (dot) com.