MasonIP – The Ultimate DVD Proofing Tool

Mason on HD monitorWhether you author DVDs for a living, or analyze HD encoded video for archiving, the Mason IP will impress you with its superb playback and advanced features.

Designed as the ultimate proofing tool for checking HD encoded video or verifying DVD projects, the Mason IP plays your files from any available network volume, just as if it was already burned to a disc. Remote

MasonIP Puts You In Control

You can easily navigate among hundreds or thousands of files, across multiple servers, and instantly play just what you want. No need to waste time burning a disc to test your DVD navigation; the Mason plays your VIDEO_TS folder just like a disc in a DVD player. You can even specify the region, language and parental control levels for accurate testing.

For proofing your encoded SD or HD video files, Mason is unmatched. It plays MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1 and AVC streams at up to 60mbps datarate. You can output to virtually any professional or consumer monitor or TV (SD or HD) so you’ll know exactly what your streams look like under real world conditions. MasonIP also has DVI or HD-SDI connectors for perfect digital video output.

Configuration PageBrowser-based Configuration

In spite of its power, configuring the Mason is very easy. Once you’ve specified an IP address for your Mason using its remote control, everything else can be setup using a web browser. You can change output resolution and format, add password protection, define zoom levels, and configure access to your media servers. Mason supports NFS, SMB or HTTP servers.

Upgradeable & More

The Mason is designed to be field upgradeable using a USB flash drive. As we make improvements to the control software and firmware, you can keep your Mason up-to-date with a simple download.

The Mason is a powerful professional tool, created to make your video looks its best and your work easier. We’d love to tell you more about how it can fit into your system. Check out the Mason IP datasheet for all the latest info, or just call. Or Click HERE for additional documents about using MasonIP.

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