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Mason transformerBoy it’s been a busy year so far! We are heading down the home stretch now with the MasonIP decoder and most of our time is now spent getting all the pieces together for the product launch. What amazes me is the amount of documentation that the MasonIP requires. Not that I’m saying you customers out there need so much help, but because MasonIP is bridging the gap between Video Decoding and IP Networks, we find that so much data is missing from one industry compared to the other.

The video industry has a great knowledge base with regards to anything DVD or video. If I mention SDI or YUV or CODEC, most of you know exactly what I am talking about. But if I mention ATM or QoS or Jumbo Frames, the video people just shrug. Unless you think Jumbo Frames are just large video images…..which they aren’t.

So the problem has been trying to educate all the video techies about data networking, without sounding so smug and pedantic. If you are a video techie, you don’t need someone telling you how to connect up wires or how a computer works. You just need to specific facts layed out. And that isn’t easy. It also works the other way around. If you are a network techie, you don’t need someone telling you what a coax cable looks like. You already know.

We had to start from one position and introduce the facts about the other, and since Wired comes from the Video industry, we decided to start from that and go into the Network industry. But even still, the amount of data and how to educate the Video techs is a long and difficult job. Over the year will be releasing various white papers and discussions about incorporating the MasonIP into a video workflow. We expect to have ever changing help documentation, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email them in.

We’ll setup a central library for the MasonIP docs and I’ll give out the link in my next column. Until then, keep your comments coming in and Happy New Year (boar) !

- Mark (mark (at) wiredinc (dot) com)

Notes -

  • ATM is NOT where you get money from your bank. ATM = Asyncronous Transfer Mode
  • QoS = Quality of Service
  • Jumbo Frames = large number of data bytes stored into frame packets for network transmission

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