MediaPress 1.3 Software for OS X

OS X logoThe MediaPress 1.3 software allows you to run your MediaPress encoding hardware with OS X. If you currently use your MediaPress with OS9 and wish switch it over to OS X, you will need to purchase the software upgrade to MediaPress 1.3.


The upgrade price for MediaPress 1.3 is $99. The MediaPress 1.3 software has a many more features than our older OS9 software…including batch encoding, on-screen preview, highly productive OS X interface, support for DVD Studio Pro chapter markers and much more. It really is worth the upgrade to go to OS X for your encoding needs.

One Response to “MediaPress 1.3 Software for OS X”

  1. Stargazer Says:

    Pretty cool UI . And $99 it’s a bargain. can I download the upgrade on line?