Made in the USA

FlagWe are often asked about this, so here’s the answer: Wired products are designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley USA

  • We’ve been designing and building our products in Silicon Valley since we began, way back in 1990. (We believe that the best design, engineering and manufacturing resources are here, so we plan to keep it that way.)
  • We’ve been making MPEG encoders and decoders for the Macintosh longer than anyone, starting before most people even heard of MPEG.
  • Wired is based in Mountain View, California

One Response to “Made in the USA”

  1. Stargazer Says:

    You should go on The Colbert Report. Mr. Colbert loves anything American.
    Besides with the huge volume of video to compress and post on Comedy Central website, they need those real time cards of yours.