Mason IP Control Surface Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Mason IP Control Surface.

Mason KeypadDesigned specifically to meet the demands of high-volume DVD proofing workflows, the Control Surface is a USB accessory which connects to the Mason IP, and puts all the Mason’s functions at your command. Featuring high quality full-stroke keys, the Control Surface is built to stand up to continuous use and hundreds of thousands of key presses.

The key layout has been carefully refined to put the most commonly-used commands in easy reach. Whether you are checking complex projects with multiple subtitle and audio streams, or verifying navigation on an intricately structured disc, the Control Surface can help you make short work of it.

The Mason IP Control Surface is available only for Mason IPs units with the QC option, and is priced at $599. (Contact Wired Sales at 651-605-5873 for ordering information.)

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