Changes Are a Comin’…..

MarkJust like the Wired website, the professional video area is going through a massive change. It has just started and will continue to evolve for years to come. What am I talking about? I am talking about the change-over, or adoption, of network accessible video.

Everyone I have spoken to knows this is going to happen. Just like how the Internet changed the way people search and gather information, the network will change how everyone in the video broadcast and authoring space work :
–No longer will you be editing and saving your projects to local drives. Saving and editing to a Video NAS, or Video Network Attached Storage device, will allow your work to be centrally located. That way you can access your project, and edit, from any computer anywhere on the network. No more dragging around firewire drives wherever you want to edit. Centrally located data also allows for easy backups, keeping your projects safe.

–Verifying your DVD projects will get faster and easier by using the network. Imagine being able to test your DVD project on a real DVD player without burning test disks. Just point your networked DVD player/verifier to your DVD project. When you want to test, just grab the remote and hit Play. All communications happen over the network, with no test disks and no workflow delays.

This is just a start of what is going to happen this year in the professional video area. And Wired will be there with products to help video people move seemlessly into the network world. Our MasonIP and Video NAS products will be valuable and essential tools in this move.

Remember, the network is not just for browsing the web. It will be the central focus of your future video editing and authoring environment. And the sooner you hop onboard, the faster you will move ahead.

-Mark Bain, Wired

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