DTV – it’s about time

Man, it’s been a long time coming. For those of us that have followed the NTSC to ATSC changeover here in the US, it’s been years. Rewind your history tapes people and look back at 1996. Yes, that’s right…..1996 !! That is when the FCC approved and adopted the ATSC format for broadcast TV and told everyone that the transition would begin immediately and be completed by 2006.

How wrong they were. People do not like change, even for the better. With the general public completely confused and the TV station owners screaming at the FCC, Congress decided to step in to move the digital transition date to Feb 2009. Then when that delayed date came closer, Congress again decided to delay the DTV exclusive broadcast date to June 2009. I’m amazed that the DTV transition even took place with all the Congress members and FCC rulings involved.

But it’s past now and we can say ‘Goodbye’ to the old Analog broadcast television system. Thank you Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin for decades of Analog TV.

- Mark Bain

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