Digital Television (DTV) – Take two, or three, or four…..

Ok, so we are about to arrive at another DTV switchover date. That being June 12, 2009. As you recall, the last date was delayed by Congress because they determined some people were not prepared to have the analog broadcast signals turned off. Well, here we are at the latest transition date and are those people now ready? Of course not.

The latest survey shows that 3.3 million people are still relying on analog TV broadcasts. Myself, along with countless others, believe that you will always have millions of people not ready for the transition. No matter how much additional tax money is spent, you will always have millions of TV sets going dark on the analog cut off date.

So I am hoping that this latest analog cut off date is finally the last one. I am tired of years of delays for the adoption of DTV in the U.S. That’s right….years. We have had many cut off dates over the past decade, and all of them have been postponed. No more! Let’s turn off these inefficient analog transmitters and get going with pure digital.


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