HDTV / DTV Transistion – Another fine mess

As I type this, Congress is getting ready to pass a bill that would delay the television broadcast transition from analog to digital. They say a large number of people do not have digital TV receivers or set top boxes, so moving to complete digital broadcasts would leave those people without any watchable TV signals. I say, don’t delay. The move to digital broadcasts has already been delayed for years now. The transition was supposed to have happened years ago, but it was delayed again and again. I say, no more delays.

There has been a constant barrage of notices and warnings broadcast to viewers telling them about this transition. The national coupon program, which gets you two $40 coupons for purchasing set top receivers, has been going on since last spring. There is no excuse for viewers not being ready for the transition. But for some reason, Congress thinks it must get involved and delay the transition until everyone is ready. Well, everyone will never be ready. People are lazy by nature, and if in one year they can’t get off their lazy butts and go buy a set top box and hook it up, then they don’t deserve to watch TV. Really. Is the right to watch TV in the Constitution? No. It’s not a right and not something Congress should get involved in.

I say turn off the Analog transmitters and go all Digital as originally planned. When those lazy people’s TV sets suddenly go dark, then they’ll do something about it. Otherwise those people are just going to procrastinate forever and when the new date comes by, the same number of people will still not be ready. So forget about that small minority of lazy people. No more delays. Do the transition as originally planned.


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