Broadcast Quality Video ….. HAH !

The Olympic games are over and I really enjoyed watching the HD OTA (Over The Air) broadcast from NBC. I chose to watch the games OTA instead of over Cable because I do not want to watch low bitrate Cable HDTV. My local TV station broadcasts a fairly high datarate HD signal for NBC and it was very enjoyable to watch FREE HD with only an inexpensive rooftop antenna.

While the main Olympics broadcast was in high quality HD, the commercials were all over the map. Some were SD commercials. Most were HD 16:9. But a few of the HD commercials were terrible. They had field inversion and field order problems. It was just amazing that these videos made it through QC and all the way out to broadcast. And we’re not talking about small local commercials. I mean National commercials, broadcast by NBC, from some of the largest corporations (Budweiser was one).

This shows that the current crop of video editors have no clue about fields or interlaced video. And it is the fault of every editing station that is outfitted with LCD displays. When you edit video with a progressive display, you can easily introduce field problems that are masked by the editing station. Remember, I blogged about the Interlace Video problem earlier. If you are not checking your video edits on a real, interlaced video monitor, then you can never be sure that you have not introduced a field error.

So even a big corporation, like Budweiser, is not immune from releasing incorrectly edited commercials. That shows that the problem exists from the small video editor all the way up to the big editing houses. Make sure you check every video you release with a real interlaced video monitor. Interlaced video is NEVER going away, so get your editing stations outfitted right.

And if you need a real video output verifier, don’t forget our MasonIP HD/DVD decoder. It the quick and easy way to verify your video files BEFORE you send them out to your clients.

Enjoy your editing!

- Mark

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