About Wired

All about Wired’s storied past, present and future.

Wired History

Wired was founded in January 1990 by two engineers who just wanted to make great MPEG products. In the early days, Wired’s business model was that of a contract engineering company, retained by big companies (like IBM, Sony, AT&T, Lockheed Martin) to develop technologies & reference designs. (more…)

We’re Old Fashioned

Full ServiceAt Wired, although we are a high-tech business located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have some old-fashioned ideas about business. We believe in designing quality products, building them in the US, and giving live unlimited support to our customers.

You might say we take it personally. (more…)

Our Decoder History…

supportWired has been making MPEG decoders since 1992. No, that’s not a mistake. 1992. Wired was one of the very first companies to ship a MPEG decoder for the computer marketplace. We called our line of decoders Mason. We started off with MasonI, then a NuBus MPEG1 hardware decoder. We then followed it up with a whole bunch of modified versions of the decoder. Some for general sale to the public, and some specifically for certain customers. (more…)

Our Encoder History…

supportIn 1992, Wired started shipping MPEG decoders. It was only natural then that we started to create a realtime MPEG encoder. And in 1994 Wired introduced our first realtime MPEG encoder, called Butane. It offered realtime MPEG1 encoding at various user-selectable datarates. It also had realtime MPEG audio encoding and realtime multiplexing into MPEG system streams! I know it doesn’t sound like much compared to today’s technology, but you must remember that back in 1994, cpu’s were not very fast. And to encode MPEG1 took hours and hours of processing. Wired circumvented all that with the Butane encoder.

Did You Know?

MediaPressThe Wired MediaPress, which was first introduced in 1998, is the world’s best selling professional realtime MPEG encoder? It is used by DVD authoring facilities around the world who count on it everyday for high quality and reliability.

Made in the USA

FlagWe are often asked about this, so here’s the answer: Wired products are designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley USA

  • We’ve been designing and building our products in Silicon Valley since we began, way back in 1990. (more…)

Our Products

MasonIP interfaceSince 1990, Wired has been developing MPEG products for the video professional. In 1992, Wired introduced it’s first commercially available MPEG product, the Mason MPEG decoder. Over the years, Wired has created well over a dozen MPEG products, including realtime encoders, decoders, and transcoders, both for direct sales and custom versions for OEM sales and installations. (more…)