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Mason IP Control Surface Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Mason IP Control Surface.

Mason KeypadDesigned specifically to meet the demands of high-volume DVD proofing workflows, the Control Surface is a USB accessory which connects to the Mason IP, and puts all the Mason’s functions at your command. Featuring high quality full-stroke keys, the Control Surface is built to stand up to continuous use and hundreds of thousands of key presses.

The key layout has been carefully refined to put the most commonly-used commands in easy reach. Whether you are checking complex projects with multiple subtitle and audio streams, or verifying navigation on an intricately structured disc, the Control Surface can help you make short work of it. (more…)

MasonIP – New Firmware 1.0d

We have released the latest MasonIP firmware, Version 1.0d. That’s right, we’re at a full point release now, which means all functions and operations are complete and functioning. Please contact our support department in order to get the latest firmware update. Their email address is wiredtech at wiredinc dot com.

MasonIP – New Firmware 0.99b

Ah…..finally a new firmware release directed towards the IT department.

Because the MasonIP player connects directly up to your corporate network structure, we have added more technical control over accessing your data servers. Server Domains are now supported, along with complete manual entry of server mount commands. This allows you to setup your MasonIP to access any server on your network, regardless of how it is configured. (more…)

DTV – it’s about time

Man, it’s been a long time coming. For those of us that have followed the NTSC to ATSC changeover here in the US, it’s been years. Rewind your history tapes people and look back at 1996. Yes, that’s right…..1996 !! That is when the FCC approved and adopted the ATSC format for broadcast TV and told everyone that the transition would begin immediately and be completed by 2006. (more…)

Digital Television (DTV) – Take two, or three, or four…..

Ok, so we are about to arrive at another DTV switchover date. That being June 12, 2009. As you recall, the last date was delayed by Congress because they determined some people were not prepared to have the analog broadcast signals turned off. Well, here we are at the latest transition date and are those people now ready? Of course not.

The latest survey shows that 3.3 million people are still relying on analog TV broadcasts. (more…)

HDTV / DTV Transistion – Another fine mess

As I type this, Congress is getting ready to pass a bill that would delay the television broadcast transition from analog to digital. They say a large number of people do not have digital TV receivers or set top boxes, so moving to complete digital broadcasts would leave those people without any watchable TV signals. I say, don’t delay. The move to digital broadcasts has already been delayed for years now. The transition was supposed to have happened years ago, but it was delayed again and again. I say, no more delays.

Say Goodbye to Analog

Everyone at Wired is wishing all of you the very best this holiday season. And remember, this coming February 18, 2009, all TV broadcasts will be Digital Only. Your old analog tv set will no longer be able to pick up regular broadcast stations. So if you have not made the transition to a new Digital TV set, you might want to pick up a new TV set at a xmas sale. For more information, make sure you go to

Broadcast Quality Video ….. HAH !

The Olympic games are over and I really enjoyed watching the HD OTA (Over The Air) broadcast from NBC. I chose to watch the games OTA instead of over Cable because I do not want to watch low bitrate Cable HDTV. My local TV station broadcasts a fairly high datarate HD signal for NBC and it was very enjoyable to watch FREE HD with only an inexpensive rooftop antenna.

Will You Pay to be Green?

Everyone is hopping on the ‘Green’ train. Business, Schools, People, all want to be ‘Green’. Well, actually that’s wrong. They want to Say they are Green, but do they have the will and desire to actually pay for it? I think not…. (more…)