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MasonIP – New Firmware 1.0d

We have released the latest MasonIP firmware, Version 1.0d. That’s right, we’re at a full point release now, which means all functions and operations are complete and functioning. Please contact our support department in order to get the latest firmware update. Their email address is wiredtech at wiredinc dot com.

MasonIP – New Firmware 0.99b

Ah…..finally a new firmware release directed towards the IT department.

Because the MasonIP player connects directly up to your corporate network structure, we have added more technical control over accessing your data servers. Server Domains are now supported, along with complete manual entry of server mount commands. This allows you to setup your MasonIP to access any server on your network, regardless of how it is configured. (more…)

New MasonIP Firmware (July 2008)

We have a new firmware download (0.98e) available for the MasonIP decoder. This version adds a lot more functionality for DVD verification and testing. You can get the latest download by clicking HERE.

Updated MasonIP User Guide Now Available

Manual coverWe’ve just posted an updated version of the MasonIP User Guide. It covers installation, setup and operation, as well as the new features added with the latest firmware update.

It’s a 2MB PDF file that you can download here.

New Knowledge Base System

We’ve switched over to a new Knowledge Base system that makes it a lot easier to find just the info you need. Here’s the direct link: Wired Knowledge Base

New MasonIP Firmware Adds iPhone Configuration

iPhoneWe’ve just released version 96d of the MasonIP firmware which adds two great new features: (more…)

We’re Old Fashioned

Full ServiceAt Wired, although we are a high-tech business located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have some old-fashioned ideas about business. We believe in designing quality products, building them in the US, and giving live unlimited support to our customers.

You might say we take it personally. (more…)

New MasonIP Articles Added to Knowledge Base

knowledge baseMark’s added a new section to the online Knowledge Base for information related to the MasonIP. There’s great tips on setting up network shares to use with the Mason and much more.

You’ll find it here.

MasonIP Downloadable Datasheet

brochureHere’s a printable version of the MasonIP datasheet in PDF format.

download it here.