Info about our custom-engineered storage solutions

Back It Up, or Lose It

LockAs we prepare to launch our new line of high capacity network storage systems, we’re giving a lot of thought to data backup. The very idea of a 7TB storage system filled with data is enough to make a cautious person break out in a sweat.

The truth is, most computer users neglect to backup their data, and eventually they will lose some or all of it. It’s inevitable…highly complex electro mechanical devices storing trillions of bits of data that can be rendered unreadable by a microscopic failure. (more…)

Why We’re Fans of Fans

Silence is golden…normally we agree. But if that silence comes at the price of potential data loss and downtime, then we have to disagree.

Big FanThe Plain Truth

The reality is simple: a server like the TeraSpool has eight or ten or twelve 7200 rpm hard drives; that generates a lot of heat. Put them in a compact enclosure with a high performance processor and a couple gigabit ethernet cards and a graphics card and a one or two high speed raid controllers and you’re well on your way to building a very expensive space heater. (more…)

Massive Capacity…Wired TeraSpoolâ„¢

TeraSpoolReady for BIG storage? We’ve got something coming soon that you’ll really like: Wired media servers. Designed and optimized especially for media storage, the new TeraSpool NAS (network attached storage) systems are equally at home in a busy production facility or a sophisticated home theatre. TeraSpool servers are available in custom configurations from 2 to 7 TB (terabytes), and come ready to plug into your network with little or no effort.