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All about the Mason network-attached decoders

Mason IP Control Surface Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Mason IP Control Surface.

Mason KeypadDesigned specifically to meet the demands of high-volume DVD proofing workflows, the Control Surface is a USB accessory which connects to the Mason IP, and puts all the Mason’s functions at your command. Featuring high quality full-stroke keys, the Control Surface is built to stand up to continuous use and hundreds of thousands of key presses.

The key layout has been carefully refined to put the most commonly-used commands in easy reach. Whether you are checking complex projects with multiple subtitle and audio streams, or verifying navigation on an intricately structured disc, the Control Surface can help you make short work of it. (more…)

MasonIP – New Firmware 1.0d

We have released the latest MasonIP firmware, Version 1.0d. That’s right, we’re at a full point release now, which means all functions and operations are complete and functioning. Please contact our support department in order to get the latest firmware update. Their email address is wiredtech at wiredinc dot com.

MasonIP – New Firmware 0.99b

Ah…..finally a new firmware release directed towards the IT department.

Because the MasonIP player connects directly up to your corporate network structure, we have added more technical control over accessing your data servers. Server Domains are now supported, along with complete manual entry of server mount commands. This allows you to setup your MasonIP to access any server on your network, regardless of how it is configured. (more…)

Updated MasonIP User Guide Now Available

Manual coverWe’ve just posted an updated version of the MasonIP User Guide. It covers installation, setup and operation, as well as the new features added with the latest firmware update.

It’s a 2MB PDF file that you can download here.

MasonIP for DVD Creators

The MasonIP Video Player is the best thing since sliced bread. Really. But it’s pretty difficult to describe all it’s features and functions because it fits into really distinct categories. So to better explain the MasonIP, I will break out the features and applications by popular markets. First up, DVD Authoring. If you author or create DVD’s, read on below:

MasonIP for DVD Creators……. (more…)

MasonIP for HD content playback

Next up, HD content. If you create HD content or need to verify HD files, see below for how MasonIP applies to you:

MasonIP for HD Playback……… (more…)

MasonIP for Broadcast

OK, next up is how MasonIP can be used in a Broadcast environment. Read on below if you are a broadcast person and want to know how useful the MasonIP is in a broadcasting environment.

MasonIP for Broadcast……… (more…)

See How Easy It Is to Configure the MasonIP

MasonIP ConfigOne of the MasonIP’s great features is its built-in web-based configuration pages. They let you access all the settings of the Mason from any browser.

So you can see for yourself how easy it is, (more…)

New MasonIP Firmware Adds iPhone Configuration

iPhoneWe’ve just released version 96d of the MasonIP firmware which adds two great new features: (more…)