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MediaPress MPEG encoders slip into retirement

After a long and productive career, the industry-leading MediaPress MPEG encoder line has been retired. We are sad to see it go, but the reality of today’s production environments, where tape is going the way of the dodo and even an average desktop computer can do realtime MPEG-2 compression in software, means there’s simply not much demand for a realtime hardware encoder.

We will, of course, continue to provide service to the thousands of MediaPress cards out there.

MediaPress X and Leopard

LeopardWe’ve been busy testing MediaPress with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) since its arrival this weekend, and are happy to report that it works great. (more…)

MediaPress MPEG Encoder – Faster and Better

MediaPress-with-cableWe hear it all the time: ‘DVD Studio Pro comes with an MPEG encoder; why would I need a Wired MediaPress?’ The answer is simple: higher quality MPEG-2 encoding from your tape sources in realtime.

With the widespread availability of software MPEG encoders, some people assume that there’s no longer a need for a hardware encoder. But if you’re encoding from tapes, you’ll still get the best quality and fastest results with a MediaPress encoder in your Macintosh. With a software encoder, you need to capture the footage into your computer before you can use the software encoder. (more…)

MediaPress Specifications

Here’s the latest specifications for the MediaPress realtime MPEG encoders. (more…)

MediaPress – Downloadable Datasheet

brochureHere’s a printable version of the MediaPress datasheet in PDF format.

download it here.

MediaPress User Manual

Manual coverHere is the latest version of the MediaPress User Guide. It covers installation, setup and operation.

It’s a PDF file that you can download here.

MediaPress 1.3 Software for OS X

OS X logoThe MediaPress 1.3 software allows you to run your MediaPress encoding hardware with OS X. If you currently use your MediaPress with OS9 and wish switch it over to OS X, you will need to purchase the software upgrade to MediaPress 1.3. (more…)

Differences Between MediaPress X and MediaPress LE

The differences between the MediaPress X and the MediaPress LE, besides the price, is in their inputs. (more…)

Is Your MediaPress Compatible With a G5?

You can tell if your existing MediaPress card is compatible with PCIx slots in G5s by looking at the connector on the edge of the board. If there are two notches in the edge, then it will work in either PCI or PCIx slots.